Whether it’s parties spent in the kitchen catching up with old friends, a feed of turkey dinner at Nan’s, or just some quiet time together as a family - the holidays are a special time in Newfoundland and Labrador. Unfortunately, not everyone experiences the holidays this way.

Many in our community miss out on feeling safe, warm, and connected during the holiday season and often face challenges like this throughout the year.

This holiday season, you can make a difference.


Give the gift of home.

When you give to Choices for Youth, you are helping give the feeling of home to over 1500 young people in our community.


We all need a little help sometimes.

Whether it’s finding a place to lay your head, getting that first job, reconnecting with family, or to just feeling safe – Choices for Youth is here to help.

Your donation helps us to offer programs and services for youth that are focused on housing, employment, family, and health. Together, these programs help young people break down barriers, create healthy communities of support, and celebrate their achievements as they build a future for themselves and their families.

Make your gift today.


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When a young person doesn’t have a roof over their head, a safe space to sleep at night, or somewhere to stay that is free of abuse and violence, life can break down quickly. At Choices for Youth we offer young people a variety of housing options - independent living, communal living, and emergency shelter - all with the goal of helping young people find success.


Justin has been involved with Choices for Youth for about four years. Having moved into The Lilly building from a group home, he spent his first year there learning new skills and working on his personal goals. Eventually, Justin moved to the RallyForward Housing program where he now lives more independently and is still able to access the support he needs.

“If I need help setting up an appointment, or if I need help with budgeting, it’s there.”

With a safe and affordable place to call home, Justin has been able to focus on his career. He currently works with two CFY social enterprises: Neighbourhood, a gently used clothing retail store, and The Shop, where he manufactures SucSeed hydroponic units. He’s enjoyed learning at work, including opportunities to cross-train in areas such as shipping and fulfillment, customer service, and inventory management. He is now also a mentor to other youth at CFY.

Justin is optimistic about the future, and has been working hard at putting down building blocks to set himself up for a successful future.


Over the past year, Choices for Youth helped house 138 young people and provided emergency shelter to 118 youth.


Justin is one of the 1500+ young people who have turned to Choices for Youth for help with housing, employment, family, and health. When you support Choices for Youth, you are giving young people like Justin more opportunities to build brighter futures. Donate today, and give the gift of home this holiday season.


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Helping to build positive family interactions, supporting youth foster healthy home environments, and reconnecting young people with family members are an important of the work we do at Choices for Youth. When a family feels supported, the possibilities are endless for the future of each family member.


Sherry Lynn has been connected to Choices for Youth for a few years. Over that time, she has lived at The Lilly and has been an important voice on the Youth Leadership Council. Having overcome a number of obstacles, Sherry now lives on her own, is the proud mom to baby Jonathan and is an active participant in our Momma Moments program.

“If it wasn’t for this place, I don’t know where I’d be.”

The Momma Moments program offers countless activities that Sherry Lynn and Jonathan are able to enjoy – from the yummy home cooked meals, to personal development workshops, to the camping trips and picnics – and she’s met great friends and created her own support network along the way. You can’t help but smile around Sherry Lynn, her positive energy is contagious and she lights up when talking about her little boy, Jonathon.


Over the past year, our Momma Moment program has supported 62 young moms and 90 kids, and our Family Reconnect program has worked with 33 youth and their families.


Sherry Lynn is one of the 1500+ young people who have turned to Choices for Youth for help with housing, employment, family, and health. When you support Choices for Youth, you are giving young people like Sherry Lynn more opportunities to build brighter futures. Join us in this work and give the gift of home this holiday season. Together, we can build strong, healthy families and transform lives.


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Thanks to the support of community members like you, we’ve worked with over 1519 youth over the past year.




When life gets turned upside down, or you find yourself in unsafe situations, some of our most basic needs can become unattainable. At Choices for Youth, we try to meet the needs of young people at any stage of life – from crises to stable independence. Whether it’s giving out a toothbrush or connecting a youth to a counselor, we are there to be a supportive step in a young person’s life.


The Outreach and Youth Engagement Centre at CFY is our front door and a place to find community, support and safety. Young people are able to meet with a Public Health Nurse or Nurse Practitioner, have access to physicians who are on-site two days a week, take part in art or music-based programming, or simply come in from the cold and enjoy a warm meal. Michelle has worked at the Outreach and Youth Engagement Centre for just over a year.

“It feels really great when you make that genuine connection with someone… when they come here and feel safe and accepted. I definitely feel like I’m making a difference with the work that I do here.”

Michelle and her colleagues bring compassion to their work each day, and an understanding and acceptance of people for who they are. All of their work is steeped in a harm-reduction philosophy and strives to help a young people make the healthiest choice today so that they can continue to make progress towards their goals tomorrow.

Donate today and help give the gift of home this holiday season. Your support means giving youth a safe space to be themselves, explore challenges and set goals to build a future they are excited about.


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After a young person is finds safe place to call home, finding a job becomes a key part to staying housed. Choices for Youth offers a number of employment-based programs to help young people enter the workforce, access training across industries and gain experience. We’ve created three amazing social enterprises - Neighborhood, Impact Construction, and The Shop - to employ young people in supportive work environments, while also providing quality products and services.

Throughout this work, we connect young people with support workers so that they have a healthy network to help them succeed at work and navigate the challenges and barriers that come their way.


Kim works at Neigbourhood, a Choices for Youth retail social enterprise that sells previously loved clothing. Before she started working there, Kim was quite nervous and shy but being at Neighbourhood has given her the chance to push herself out of her comfort zone.

“It’s fun, completely fun… I feel totally confident interacting with people, which I never thought I’d be able to do.”

In addition to learning to sort inventory, determine the quality of a garments, and create beautiful displays, Kim has also become much more comfortable interacting with customers and speaking to a crowd. She is now able to communicate with a clear confidence and excels at building rapport with the Neighbourhood customers.


Over the last year, Choices for Youth has supported 95 youth with employment, hired 51 young people across our social enterprises, and created over 25,000 hours of youth employment.


With your support, young people can continue to learn transferable and employable skills, all while setting and achieving their own personal goals. Kim is just one of the 1500+ young people who have turned to Choices for Youth for help with housing, employment, family, and health.

Give the gift of home today and help young people like Kim find real work, build new skills and access the support they need to thrive.


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